VMS Ropes and twines B.V. is supplying ropes to all sorts of vessels.

Inland shipping: our Delta®Four and Delta®twelve are the most commonly used. Also Dyneema® is becoming a more and more general-mooring rope.

Merchant: container, bulk, multi-purpose, heavy lift, dredging, as well as  OCIMF-recommended ropes for the safe mooring of (chemical) tankers, RoRo-vessels.

Navy: supplying ropes to several Nation’s navy according to Nato Stock Numbers (NSN) also proves our quality products and reliability in deliveries.

Superyachts: a very specific market which needs a very specific customer-specific rope. If  it is Double braided, jacketed, leather lined, super heavy duty protected- we have the experience and products.

Ask us for the references.

Materials and constructions

Delta®Eight/Twelve and Delta®Winchline – a jacketed floating winchline which has proven it’s qualities being used on RoRo vessels for many years due to high abrasion resistance, low elongation. Ideal for use on self-tensioned winches.

Safety comes first.

Alfa®Eight/twelve, Omega®Eight/twelve, Polypropylene, Polyester, Combination yarn-mix ropes with High Tenacity Polypropylene and Polyester, Nylon.

8-strand plaited, 12-strand plaited, double braided,  winchline-braid.