Omega®Eight  is a special composite rope that mixes high tenacity polyester yarns with high tenacity polypropylene multifilament yarns. This specific combination gives this firm non rotational 8 strands plaited rope, flexibility, excellent abrasion and heat resistance, conferring it floating properties.

Major features:

Exceptional abrasion and wear resistance even in wet conditions
38-40 % lighter than an all polyester ropes
Flexible and smooth, non kinking and non rotating
Excellent UV resistance
Floating, very low water absorption

Raw material: Polyester / Mixed Polyolefins
Specific Gravity: 0,99
Melting Point: 265ºC / 165ºC
Elongation at % of BS:
25% …. 4,0%
50% …. 6,0%

Main applications:

Mooring lines
Towing lines

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