V-Force®TWELVE-UHMPE are made from HMPE fibers and protected by a self unique impregnation that improves its abrasion resistance. V-Force must be considered when high breaking strengths are required.
Using a torque free 12 strand braided construction, this is stronger than steel wire of the same weight and has proven to be a cost-saving replacement for wire rope in several applications

Major features:

1/7 of the steel wire weight
Longer life time compared to steel wire
Low operational costs
Low elongation
Flexible, non kinking and non rotating
Easy and safer handling
Easy to splice

Raw material: UHMPE
Specific Gravity: 0,98
Melting Point: 150ºC
Elongation at % of BS:
25% …. 0.9%
50% …. 1.6%

Main applications:

Mooring lines
Anchor lines
Tug and Towing lines
Winch lines

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